Tape challenge

The challenge: tape your mouth 10 nights in a row. 


Putting tape over the mouth at night stimulates you to breath through the nose for the entire night, see below for potential benefits.

Always use common sense and use at your own responsibility.

“I love waking up better rested with more ‘energy points’ to spend during the day”

“Just give it a try. If it bothers you, you’ll probably need it!” 

Bas – Owner of BreatheNautics and a “taper” since August 2023

A man with a roll of tape hanging from his mouth

Advice before 1st time use

It can take a few nights to get used to the tape, you might sleep a bit restless in the beginning. So, don’t tape (for the first time) before a big day.

Put on the tape 10 minutes before turning off the light. Open your mouth fully and feel the tape letting go. It may hurt a bit, but know that you can always just open your mouth and breath through the mouth again.

Adjust your tape and just lay in bed observing the breath for a few minutes before turning off the lights.

If during the night you feel – too much – discomfort, just remove the tape and continue sleeping. You can always try again another night if you want…

But, perhaps the greater the annoyance it causes you, the more essential it is? 😉

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Potential benefits

Better sleep quality
Improves oxygenation
Filters air pollutants
Promotes relaxation
Reduce snoring
Enhance lung volume
Better oral health

More tape

While any tape might do the trick, this one is nice and affordable.