Where does the name BreatheNautics come from?
“BreatheNautics” is a play on the words “breathing” and “nautics,” which means the study or practice of navigation on water. This name combines the ideas of breath and water, which are central to both freediving and breathwork. The word “Breathe” emphasizes the focus on breath, while “nautics” adds a sense of adventure and exploration, as if the business is guiding people through the waters of the breath and mind. Overall, “BreatheNautics” suggests a journey of discovery and growth through the practice of freediving and breathwork.

What is the groupsize of the breathwork beginner course and the introduction lesson?
Max 8 people.

What gear do I need?
Just make sure you wear something comfortable. Proper breathing in jeans won’t work.

What is the language during the lessons?
My first language is Dutch, but will switch to English when prefered by the group.

What is possible if I don’t have the financial means right now?
At BreatheNautics, we firmly believe that the breath is a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, and inner transformation. We understand that financial constraints can sometimes hinder personal growth and well-being, so we have made it our mission to provide our breathwork course to those who may not have the means to afford the full cost of the course.
By offering this opportunity, we hope to extend our support to those who are passionate about self-improvement and are ready to explore the profound benefits of breathwork. Just send us an email and we’ll talk possibilities.

I’ve heard of this tape-challenge, what is it about?
Taping the mouth during your sleep. Read more here.