Conscious connected breathing

Open and connect the breath. Release emotional and physical stress.

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17th August from 14:00 – 16:00 
Amsterdam West

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Bas coaching a breather
Conscious – Connected – Breathing

With intent, connecting the inhale with the exhale: in and out, without pausing. This powerful breathing technique alters the body’s carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. This provides a unique experience and special state of being. Open and connect the breath.

During  the session the releasing of emotional and physical stress are most common, but things can happen on all levels. 

Emotional: Participants may experience catharsis, releasing pent-up emotions like sadness or anger, leading to emotional healing and increased self-awareness.

Physical: Sensations such as tingling, warmth, or light-headedness, promoting relaxation, releasing tension, and improving circulation.

Spiritual: Altered states of consciousness, fostering a sense of connection to oneself, others, or the universe, and encouraging spiritual exploration and growth.

Mental: Improved mental clarity, focus, and creativity, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting a sense of inner peace and balance.

For some first-timers nothing happens. For others a mix of the above. More experienced “breathers” will agree that every session is different, and you will receive what you need at that moment.

The Conscious Connected Breathing session that I followed with Bas was incredibly powerful. It turned out that there was quite a bit of tension, fear and sadness stored in my body. By breathing connectedly under the guidance of Bas, this was released and I was able to let go of part of it. Bas guided me very skillfully in this and encouraged me to continue when things were difficult. I liked that Bas remained so calm and could reassure me. I will definitely take more sessions with him and would highly recommend the CCB sessions that he facilitates!

Brigitte – Conscious connected breathing (January 2024)

My journey

My breathwork journey started in 2021, and as of January 2024 I can call myself a breathcoach for the method of conscious connected breathing (NL: bewust verbonden adem). My training with Adem en Stem has given me the strong foundation to take you along and be there when needed.

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Above all, I’m exited to guide you with this amazing tool called conscious connected breathing!

2 people breathing
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Please contact me to schedule a phone call first.

A session will take about 1.5 – 2  hours.
€ 78,- per session.

(2 people that know eachother)
A session will take about 2 hours.
€ 54,- per person.

A session will take about 2 hours.
Between € 30 – € 50 per person, depending on group size.