Whether you’re looking to improve your physical performance, reduce stress and anxiety, or simply connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you, breathwork and freedive can be powerful tools to help you achieve your goals.

At BreatheNautics we do interesting stuff with the breath – in and out of the water.

Not sure which kind of breathwork is right for you? Answer a few questions in this flowchart and find out!

Want to discover freediving? I’m not an instructor. But, feel free to contact me for advice on how and where to train.

Upcoming events

13th July: Breathwork intro lesson
(spots left)

7th July: Breathwork circle
(spots left)

30th June / 6th of July: Breathwork for friends and family of freedivers.
(spots left)

Bas - hands behind head

For me, Bas, controlling the monkey mind – gaining new clarity – and diving deeper with connected breathing was a good bearing. Add freediving for relaxation / deep medition and you’ll see why the breath is so dear to me.

Check our products below, decide what you need and set sail!

Introduction lesson

Dip your toe into the transformative waters of breathwork with our one-hour introductory session.

Next up:
13th July, Amsterdam.

Breathwork beginner course

Ignite inner transformation in our 4-week breathwork beginner course.

Next up:
August or September, Amsterdam. Send us an email if interested.

Conscious connected breathing

Release stress and emotions with this powerful tool.

Tailor-made sessions only.

Breathwork for work

Help individuals and teams unlock their potential by upgrading the breath to something they understand and learn to use in their advantage. Or take a deep dive with conscious connected breathing and transform individuals and energize teams.


Whether you want personalized breathwork coaching or want to organize a tailor-made session for a group of friends. Let’s make it work!

“Bas knows what he is breathing about. He makes you feel comfortable.”
Nick – Workshop (September 2022)

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