A 4-week program to upgrade the breath to something we understand and learn to use to our advantage. 

Breathwork beginner course - flyer November front

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With classes on:
30th September
7th October
21th October

(20:00 – 21:30)

No gear needed

Just wear comfy clothes
3 live sessions
(1,5 hour each)
Instructor on-call

€ 68,-

With max 8 people we’ll ignite inner transformation in our 4-week breathwork beginner course.


De Roos
P.C. Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW

Anyone can join 

Imagine a world where anyone, no matter their age, shape or gender, has the power to unlock their full potential. With open hearts and minds, and a willingness to learn, the opportunities for growth are endless. Why wait? 

Embark on this journey of self-discovery and let’s unveil the incredible possibilities together.

In the first out of three lessons we will get acquainted with each other and the fundamentals of breathing. Starting off with theory about the breathing apparatus and how we should breathe in daily life. We’re going to learn proper belly breathing and expand with the 2 other steps in 3-step-yogic breathing. We end the lesson with slowing down the breath.

During the second lesson we will recap what we have learned so far and share experiences. After specific stretching we will start with a cleansing exercise called Kapalbhati. In your homework you’ve watched a short video about Ujjayi breath. We’ll go over the theory and do some practice. We finish the lesson with slowing down.

The final lesson will start with catching up. How is everybody doing, what changes are happening and are there any questions? After stretching we’ll discuss ways to integrate the awesome techniques we’ve learned in our daily life. We’ll add Anulom Vilom to our toolkit and fine tune some techniques. Then finish with a longer breathwork routine than normal. Expect deeper relaxation and awareness!