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In 2021, my world was flipped upside down. A burnout led me to a 4-day retreat, which on day 2 included a connected breathing session. I had an emotional roller-coaster and was blown away by the releases I got. Wow, this immense power of the Breath!

Later that year, I did a 4-day Freedive course in Mexico. Not only did I reach 20 meters of depth in one of the most beautiful freedive spots in the world, but I also got introduced to Pranayama Yoga. Shortly thereafter, I started my Breathwork Instructor Course with Yogalap.

In 2022, I continued my education in both Freedive and Breathwork. I made my deepest dive in November 2022 (36m) and finished my Breathwork Instructor Course in January 2023.

2023 was the year things started clicking. I felt that I wanted to teach others the possibilities of Breathwork, but wasn’t sure if I would enjoy teaching itself. So I tried. I already did 4 mini workshops in 2022 with friends, but this time I widened my circle. I liked it very much!
New PB in freedive: 38m.

2024 started well with the completion of the final block of the International Breath Coach training at Adem en Stem. Let’s see what the rest of the year will bring!

Being born in Amsterdam on a houseboat, I developed a thing with water. Swimming, diving, scuba, and just having fun – I was always very comfortable. But, I had never guessed that I would be where I am now in my freedive expedition. I’m getting more and more comfortable. My numbers are slowly going up, and it’s getting increasingly meditative and peaceful.

The breath and the breath-hold. I love them both and it has given me so much on mental, physical and spiritual level! 

I look forward to coming years where I will continue exploring the breath and sharing what I know with others.