Breathwork for work

Help individuals and teams unlock their potential by upgrading the breath to something they understand and learn to use in their advantage. Or take a deep dive with conscious connected breathing and transform individuals and energize teams.

Decide as a group which option is the best fit.

Breathwork for work

We believe that by investing in the health and happiness of your employees, you’re investing in the success of your organization.

2 x 2 hour – Slow & steady

In 2 live group sessions of 2 hours each we’ll upgrade the breath to something we understand and learn to use to our advantage. During the week between the 2 live sessions there will be about 10 minutes of homework per day. We’ll look at the breath in general and make it work-specific.

Individuals and teams both benefit – during the working hours and during the rest of their day(s)!

Learn the fundamentals of breathing.
Deepen your understanding through yogic exercises.
Stretch and strengthen your breathing muscles.
Improve your daily breathing and your awareness.
Use your breath as a tool for growth and change.

Group size: 4 – 12 people.
Keywords: Slow. Subtle. Theory. Exercises. Team building. Pranayama.

1 x 2 hour – Open up

As a group we’ll open and connect the breath. Release emotional and physical stress. This can be a more intense experience for the individuals and the group. Trust is key in this one.

With intent, connecting the inhale with the exhale: in and out, without pausing. This powerful breathing technique alters the body’s carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. This provides a unique experience and special state of being.

Depending on experience,  awareness and mindset, it’s recommended for most groups to start with “Slow & Steady”.

Group size: 4 – 8 people.
Keywords: Deep experience. Conscious connected breathing. Opening up and releasing.

 Custom program

Every workplace is unique, facing its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Have other ideas in mind? 
Let’s be creative and create a custom program for your company.