Why I freedive

Why do I freedive? Interesting question. I wrote some, added, changed, deleted and in the end wrote it like this:

The actual breath-hold is the reward. This relative short period is like meditating on steroids. Everything there is, is awareness. I feel my weightless body and observe my mind. I let go. I am.

With gradual and confident steps I go deeper, longer and further. There is still so much to be learned… and I submerge. Dealing with discomfort is my main enemy. Finding comfort in discomfort is the way to go and there are lessons in daily confrontations. And the beauty, it transcends to all things in life. Freediving makes me a better person.

On top of all that: the camaraderie in the community is great, it makes me want to live more healthy and I’ve learned to appreciate the underwater world even more.

Bas giving an okay sign in the swimming pool